Friday, August 23, 2013

State Fair Bound

I am working until 3:00pm today and then we are headed to the Twin Cities.  Tomorrow we are going to the "Great Minnesota Get Together!!"  Yes, the Minnesota State Fair.  I am really looking forward to it.

The first place we will be headed is to the Dairy Show.  One of my favorite 4-H'ers is showing his cow.  I know Jasenko will do a great job!!

I am not looking forward to the crowds at the fair but I think it will be fun and a good learning experience for the kids.

More pictures to follow!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Time has gotten away from me this last month.  We were so busy with getting ready for a family reunion and getting ready for the fair.  Time just magically flew by.  After the fair I swear I could have slept for 3 days.  I was exhausted.  It was such a satisfied tired though. Tired after a job well done. 
I sat down Sunday night and wrote on the back of the kids ribbons.  Their names,  August 2013, the class/group and what they entered.  I was/am so proud of the kids.  I hope someday they look back at these ribbons as fondly as I look back on mine.

Speaking of ribbons… I need some opinions.  I am trying to decide how to organize their ribbons.  I have a few thoughts/options.

1.)    Hang their ribbons in their room.  This is what I did and I loved showing off my ribbons.  When I moved out though… they all got thrown into a tub and are an unorganized mess now.  They are bend and creased and in no order.

2.)    Put them in a book that stays organized and in good condition.  They can take the book with them to Show/Tell and drag them out to show their aunties.

Ok… I think I’ve made up my mind.  Option 2 is a clear winner for me.  Your opinions?