Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Day?!

Do you ever just have a really Happy Day and you can't figure out why you are so happy?  I have a bounce in my step and I can't give you a specific reason.

I had an amazing weekend.  I was productive and I rested.  I talked on the phone with good friends. I had beers with good friends.  I read with my babies and snuggled.  I put them to bed last night with full tummies, homework done, stories read and wet hair from the bath tub.  I fished a dead fish out of the fish tank before it turned into a science project.  My taxes are in the homeward stretch.

Yes, I am calling this a success and today a good day.  AND the sun is shining.  I truly can't ask for me.  I hope you have a great day too!  So... How was your weekend?