Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sky's the limits... no, literally!

Have I mentioned that Jacob's Cub Scouts meetings fall at the almost exact same time as Amanda's dance class.  Usually John and I tag team and he goes in one direction with Jacob and I head in another with Amanda. This last week John was at work so I was on my own.  I was a little stressed but after dropping Jacob off with his cub scouts group (with a stern warning to behave himself) I headed across town to drop Amanda off at Dance class.  Then with my Super Mom cap on I headed back to cub scouts. 

The cub scouts met at the New Ulm Municipal Airport.  It was small but very nice.  I was very impressed.  While I was gone running Amanda to dance they toured the small airplanes and the office but I was able to catch up with them when they were in the shop by the larger planes.  Such a great learning experience!

"Large plane" at New Ulm Municpal Airport

Jacob at the New Ulm Municipal Airport
Jet Setter Jacob!  He was so excited to show me the little toilet onboard!

Beautiful Sunset over the Runway
Beautiful Sunset I almost missed.  Jacob pointed it out to me.  Sometimes I'm so busy that I miss this stuff.  Good thing I have him to point them out to me.

Jacob posing with the SkyHawk II
Jacob with the SkyHawk II

Pilot Jacob at the New Ulm Municipal Airport
Pilot Jacob!  Thinking he is pretty cool!!

Pilot Jacob at the New Ulm Municipal Airport
Hands on learning.  Can't get any better than that!
Be sure to put your email address in to Subscribe to the blog by email.  Don't miss out on our adventures!!  This week we have a lot of craziness in our lives.  I have two home shows and two large booths.  Sunday we are also helping out with our 4H Swimming Party from 1-5 at the Vogel Arena.  Are you in the New Ulm/Lafayette area and interested in 4H.  Give me a shout for details!! 

By Monday I'm going to need some rest. :)  I decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning.  I just finished the 2nd Season.  Watching that while Knitting has been my guilty pleasure lately.  I can't share any pictures of finished projects just yet though.  A lot of these have been Christmas Presents.  I love each one and will have a hard time letting them go! Maybe I'll have to make one for myself too!!

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