Monday, July 29, 2013

Not only am I perfect...

I have so many great things to catch you up on.  Lately I have been a Crazy Book Lady, a Crazy Painting Lady, a Crazy 4-H Leader, a Crazy IT Person... overall just crazy.

I have been up to my eyeballs getting ready for a family reunion at our house this Saturday.  I have been looking for a reason to get some projects done.  I decided to tackle our main floor half bath.  There was a border that was half falling down.  The walls were dirty and the colors were outdated.  I knew if I didn't have a reason to get it done in a timely fashion.  A deadline is always a good thing in our house.  

Two weeks ago was Bavarian Blast here in New Ulm. It is a wonderful German Festival.  A great time to get together and see your friends and family!  John and I went on Thursday night and listened to a band that was playing.  We enjoyed a few German beverages (beer) and had a great time.  On Saturday and Sunday there was a Craft Show and I had a great time participating.  I love meeting new people and showing them Usborne Books.  

We have an amazing start up special this month.  The Large Start up kit (over $400.00 value) for $69!!  
July Starter Kit - All for $69.00!!
If you have ever considered starting a home based business now is the time and Usborne is the company!!  I couldn't be more pleased with the books and Mission of this company.  Nothing like bettering the children around us.

This is one of the Wonderful People I met during the weekend.  It is so much fun to talk to people and find out where they are from.  This gentlemen stole my heart on the spot.  His shirt reads, "Not only am I Perfect, I'm German Too!!"  This shirt would have been right up my Grandpa Krohn's alley!  He would have gotten a great big belly laugh out of this.  Notice his hat too!  S.O.B. - Sweet Old Buzzard.  Yep... I'm smitten!

Lovely Ole German I met!! 
 Part of the fun of the weekend is the Parade on Sunday.  It was good fun watching it with my kids.  The weather was perfect and we had a great spot in the shade.

This is "Hermann the German" and Thusnelda, his wife.  
The kids caught a ton of Candy and had a great time.  I loved not having to worry about putting sun screen on them.  Couldn't have asked for a better day!!

Eric, Kate, Amanda and Abby watching the Parade together.

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