Monday, September 16, 2013

Stop the Ride...

Stop the ride... I wanna get off!!  Or maybe at least slow it down?
Stop the ride... I wanna get off!!  Or maybe at least slow it down? 
 It always amazes me when I sit back and realize a whole weekend or even month has flown by in the blink of an eye.  I'm trying to worry less about the cleaning and busy work and make memories with the kids.

Saturday night Jake and I sat and watched TV together.  It just floors me to realize how big he is now.  We were watching a real estate hunting show.  It was funny to hear his opinion on houses.  We enjoy looking at local properties online.  Especially farm sites.  I ask him what he would put in this barn or that building.  It's pretty easy to get silly.  Elephants here or there.  Once the giggling starts the answers get silly!!

Amanda is getting so big and learning so much these days.  She is her mother's child and loves crafts.  She has been making the Rainbow Loom Bracelets lately and I'm super excited because she can do them by herself.  Love that independence. Her reading is progressing each and every day.  Hope to raise a reader.

Sunday nights are always hard for me.  Back to the work week.  Back to school.  I came across this last night and it really hit home for me.  I was very frustrated with myself and what I had gotten done over the weekend.  I guess, it's really more of what I hadn't gotten done.  What I felt I should have gotten done but didn't.

It's so true!  I'm not in a competition.  I'm not trying to be better then anyone else.  I just need to get done what needs to get done and the rest can wait. It will have to wait.  I have spent entire weekends working like a complete crazy woman and gone back to work exhausted on Monday.  That is no good either.  I am at my best when I am rested and happy.  I am working to find the fine line between it all.  In the wise words of my Mother.  One day at a time, one foot in front of the other.  That's all I can do and it has to be good enough.

Hope you had a great weekend too!  Thanks for stopping to visit!

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