Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally.... Hemlock Ring

When Jerrod Flood published pictures of his Hemlock Ring Blanket I immediately knew I wanted to knit it.  I doubted my skills though.  I haven't done a ton of lace knitting.  I know I searched for it several times and had printed out the pattern more than once.


I took a break from knitting for about a year.  I have an addiction problem with projects.  Once I start something it is literally all I want to do.  That's it.  I think about it all the time.  Especially knitting.  I long to sit and knit.  I think it's the repetitive movement.  It is very calming to me.

I have started knitting again.  Sparingly.  Especially if I know I will have long chunks of time available to me.  Going to a Conference?  I'd never be able to sit still through long meetings without something for my hands to do.  Must stay busy.

I finally found the pattern I had printed and the yarn I felt would be perfect.  Here it is:  In it's glory!!

Crazy Book Lady - Hemlock Ring Blanket
Pined out on the floor Blocking

Crazy Book Lady - Hemlock Ring Blanket
Beautiful Center

Crazy Book Lady - Hemlock Ring Blanket
All the pretty points

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