Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visit the Armory Shop

Jacob is in his 3rd year of Cub Scouts and enjoys it for the most part.  His leader does a great job getting tours and projects lined up for them.  Recently they had a tour of the Armory Shop in New Ulm.  John had to work the day of this tour so I took off work a little early and took him.  If this had been just a normal meeting we might have skipped it but I thought this tour would really interest him.  I have to admit it held my attention too!

Officer Dahl gave us a great tour of the shop and trucks that had just came in from Hutchinson.  They were inside the shop and were thawing from the latest snowfall.  The boys got to go inside and could see the thick bullet proof glass.  Dahl showed them where their big GPS units would go and the Communication Radio's were going to be installed.

I didn't make notes but I believe he said there were 11 guys that were working in this shop right now.  Usually a few less but because of the current deployment it was a few more than normal.
Jacob checking out the inside of the Hummer!
What a Goof!
Lock and Load!
Check this out!
Jacob and Office Dahl
Awesome Snowmobile!
What are these for?
How the Army carries water.
What goes in here?
What is the difference between the Brown and the Green?  Such great questions they had!
Where these in a war?  Nope.  For training purposes only! 
A lot of the equipment we saw is used at Fort Ripley near Little Falls, MN.  It was a very interesting trip.  The boys were pretty good listeners with a few reminders not to climb on the equipment. 

I am looking forward to sitting down and reading some of our Discovery Adventure Series books with Jacob.  I think the Tanks one will be a perfect fit for this topic!!

Usborne Books & More - Tanks IR

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