Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bob the Unicorn

When I was at Convention I got to visit briefly with Michelle Nelson Schmidt.  She is the Author/Illustrator of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster.  She came to introduce us to her new friend "Bob is a Unicorn".

Michelle Nelson Schmidt and Bob

Bob is a Unicorn is a great book for all the dreamers out there.  Here is a teaser video about the book.  I think you are really going to like it.  I do. 

Here is the story read by the amazing Author/Illustrator, Michelle Nelson Schmidt.

This book will be available soon!  I can't wait to bring it to all the kids in the area.  I know they are going to love it. It will definitely be my new book of choice for reading to the Preschools and elementary school's in the area.  

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