Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Headed to Paradise

Yesterday I hauled my rear out of bed at 5:30 and got ready to head out the door for Tulsa.  This week is our National Convention for Usborne Books & More.  This is the fifth time I've attended the event.  Each year it gets me so excited and ready to come back and be the "Crazy Book Lady!"

When I left the house it was raining. We have gotten a ton of rain this summer.  I was excited to head towards some heat and sunshine!!  I drove over to Mankato and met up with Tracey Boraas and Becky Dean.  Both are amazing good friends and I was thrilled to drive down with them.  We left out of Mankato at 7:00 and made good time.  Would you believe we didn't turn the radio on the entire way!

We made great time through Iowa.  Although I was having a hard time letting go of work.  My boss sent me an email and told me to quit responding to emails. :)  It's hard to let go of responsibilities.  Plus look what I saw on the highway!!

Yep... We saw a couple Schugel Trucks on the way.  

We stopped in Ames to use the restroom and get something to eat.  We had lunch and stretched the legs.  The trip to Convention always reminds me how long of a state Iowa is. We made another stop at the southern border of Iowa to use the rest room again and stretch.  I feel like all I did yesterday was sit, eat, drink and pee!! :)  hehe!!

Your favorite Crazy Book Lady, Tracey and Becky!
When we left her I crawled in the back seat to take a nappy.  When I woke up when had gotten to through a chunk of Missouri and some rain.  Becky and Tracey were chatting nicely and I snoozed listening to some NPR on my iPhone.  Love my podcasts!!

Before we knew it we were in Joplin, Missouri and we stopped at a McDonalds for a snack, a soda and the bathroom.  We sat and chatted about the upcoming events of the week and were charmed by the guy behind the counter.  He welcomed us to Missouri and asked how our trip from Minnesota was.  WHAT?  How'd you know we were from Minnesota?  He said our Accents gave us away.  Ya, Ya, Es Gute!!  I know... I sound like a big, lumber jack Minnesotan.  I can't help it.  Yes I over enunciate my "O's.  It's my thing.  Don't judge!  Anyways... we had a nice chat with him.  I told him about how we were headed to Tulsa for a convention for Usborne Books and More.  I followed up by asking if he'd ever considered selling books.  (Becky, aren't you proud!!)  I gave him a business card and he said he would check into it.  He had previously done magazine sales.

Ethan, my next new recruit!!
From Joplin, MO to Tulsa is only about 2 hours.  We zipped along and made very good time.  It is very different scenery here.  No corn and bean fields.  Mostly cows and pasture land.

Well... Tracey is itching to go cause some trouble.  We are off to do some wandering and see what we can see.

Today we visited and toured the Usborne Home Office.  Video and Pictures of that to follow.   Take care and be sure to check back for info on the new titles and any announcements Randall has for us!!



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