Monday, February 4, 2013

Love one another

It's always hard to come back to work on Mondays.  We get so cozy in the weekends.  It probably doesn't help when it's this cold and we got more snow last night.  To get an extra jump on things I hauled my rear out of bed an hour early and came into work.  It's so nice to come in when it's quiet and you can actually be on top of things.  Most days I dive into the "thick of it" and always feel behind the 8 ball.  So glad I did.

I am headed out in a few minutes to my Great Uncles Funeral.  Mayo Granaas.  So sad to see such a wonderful man leave this world.  I'm clinging to the thought that he's with his Sister now.  My Grandma.  By now she's a pro at Heaven and I imagine she's showing him around. I'm sure they had a great time catching up. 

Mayo Granaas
Be good to one another today.  You never know when things could change in an instant.

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