Monday, March 18, 2013

Bunny Update and Pinewood Derby

Here is a bunny update.  Poor Mama Carmel was so tired yesterday.  I suppose she is used to us being at work and school during the day and we were around the house all day yesterday.  After lunch I made the kids stay out of the kitchen and give her a break.  She slept for quite a while and then looked much better last night. 

They definitely have the round little Holland Lop head.  So cute!!

Look at those little ears!! Mama seems to be doing a really good job taking care of them.  She's definitely protective of them.  Yes, I have gotten bit.
There is one light colored one (like the one above) that is very tiny.  I'm a little concerned that he/she isn't getting fed.  I'm watching that one closely and will bottle feed if necessary.  My friend, Beth, is a wealth of knowledge and has given me all kinds of pointers and advice.  Not sure what I'd do without her support on all this.

Jacob is a Cub Scout and was involved with the Pine Wood Derby.  We worked on his car for several days last week.  Jacob carefully sanded it learning to sand with the grain.  Jacob and I put the first coat of paint on together and him and John did the rest of the work together. 

When we got up on Saturday Jacob was very worried about the possibility of us being late.  I have extreme issues getting up some mornings and this last Saturday was no different.  The snooze on my alarm clock gets quite the workout.  :)  Anyways... We made it in plenty of time.  He was registered and his car weighed in.  We ended up taping a few washers to the bottom of his car to add a little bit more weight.  Your car can't be any heavier than 5 oz and his was only 4.25 when we got there.

There are 4 lanes that race each heat.  Each car participates on each of the 4 lanes.  Jacob had several 2nd and 3rd place finishes.  This is such a good learning experience.  You can tell the cars that might be there for their first year.  Sadly... some didn't make it across the finish lines.  You can bet that next year they will make that car differently!

After they finished the initial races there was a short break with cookies and juice while they tabulated the winners from each den.  "Dens" are the individual groups that meet a couple times during the week.  The "Pack" is the entire New Ulm Area.  It took me forever to remember how this went. 

Amanda did a great job keeping herself occupied between drawing and playing on my cell phone.  She was a trooper!!

Jacob was announced as the first place winner for his Den and he was elated!!  It made his day. He was so excited to get his first trophey.  He was so proud and very excited to go home to show Dad.  Before we left he competed in the finals and raced 4 more times.  He was not in the top 3 overall but he was still very excited.  We had a talk about what it is to be a humble winner and a good sport.  Overall... he was just excited about the trophey.  Hopefully what I said will rest in the back of his head for the time being.

Oh Sweet Victory!!!

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