Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blast from the Past

Have you ever thought about somebody you used to work with and wondered how they are?  Maybe even someone you just used to work with over the phone?

I spent about 8 years working at a Post-it Note Factory in Mankato.  I did a lot of my growing up while working there.  Met my husband, bought my house and had both my babies.  I did Customer Service for a good portion of that time and developed a great relationship with lots of my customers.  Some of these people I talked to multiple times during the day.  A few I met in person. 

Today I was thinking about a guy that I used to work with.  Back in the day he used to tell me all about his wife and two grown sons.  The drama with various son's girlfriends and the ones serious health condition.  I busted my chops for him on rush orders that he pushed through and he trusted me with a lot of his business.  A great working relationship.

It's been over 5 years since I've talked to him.  Today I picked up the phone and called.  It was great fun catching up with him.  Hearing about how his wife and boys were doing.  Some of the drama remains and the health conditions have improved.  It was so nice visiting.  So glad I picked up the phone and just called.

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