Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kids X-Cel Book Fair

I am in full swing of a book fair at Kids X-Cel Center.  It is going very well.  The school will be receiving lots of great books for their class rooms.


I have really enjoyed getting to know my new "little friends".  :)  Some of them know me as Michele and some know me as "the crazy book lady".

BHH (Book Hauling Husband) John has watched the book fair for me an hour each day.  He was telling me how he overheard one of the kids talking about the "Crazy Book Lady" to their mom. Apparently the mom scolded the child and said that wasn't nice to call me crazy.  No really! I am the Crazy Book Lady and I wear my name with pride!!

It is a beautiful center and the kids are so darn cute!  Tonight is their open house and I will be there from 3-7:30.  Come see me and check out this amazing center!!


My Display!!

One of the teacher's Wish Lists.

The wish lists work great for the schools!  The teachers pick out books that they want from the catalogs and get them back to me before hand.  I make each of the teachers a Tag Board with all the books written on post-its.  Then the parents can simply pull the title they want to purchase off the list.  It works great! 

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  1. Duh, post-it wish list!!! Ding, ding, ding! So simple, it's genius. Peter Usborne himself would be proud. Looks great!