Monday, May 6, 2013

We don't get out much...

Saturday Morning John and the kids and I piled in the van and drove up to Menards.  We weren't on a mission of any sort so we were just kind of wandering.  The kids had never been there before and... come to think of it... I don't think they've ever been to Menards in Mankato either.

We headed toward the Bathroom Remodel area.  We oggled the new glass wash basin's.  Amanda's favorite is the blue.  Mine is the green.  We wandered down one aisle quietly imagining our future (although far off future) bathroom.  The kids headed down another aisle.  John and I commented on some of the different prices.  I was silently calculating how many hours I'd have to work to afford some of those fancy faucets.  Cripes!!  (I either need a big raise or cheaper taste.)

John and I came around the corner both wondering where the children were.  We could hear them jabbering but couldn't see them.  Then we spotted this....

I had to get closer to make sure I was seeing correctly.  

Yup... Those are my children's shoes.  My thoughts... "Good Lord, Where are my children and why don't they have their shoes on."

Then I spotted them!  Good Grief!

Like two caged animals.

Ahhhh!  So relaxing!  Dadd, we need this tub!!

This one is nice but kind of short.  Maybe a longer one, Daddy!

I really need to get these kids out more often!  They truly enjoyed their trip to Menards.  In fact, they haven't stopped talking about it yet.  Amanda was telling Jacob yesterday about how Amazing Menards is and that you can buy ANYTHING there... except rabbit stuff.

(No, in case you are wondering... I am not sponsored by Menards.  hum... maybe that's how I could get that fancy faucet!!)

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