Monday, January 14, 2013

Oyiiii What a mess!

If you've been around me lately you probably know I'm on a cleaning kick.  It's time to get rid of stuff we don't use and need.  It's time to organize.  I have donated about 15 boxes to our local thrift shop and sent 5 bags of garbage out to the dumpster.  We had a few boxes that suffered water damage last spring and I finally went through them.  Boxes of broken down cardboard went out to recycling.  I have made some great progress.  It feels amazing.  I have been ignoring my office.

It just felt so overwhelming.  I started by pulling out the random toys that had somehow made it into the pile,  I shelved a couple boxes of books and pulled out unnecessary empty Usborne Boxes.  I went through 2 boxes of misc stuff that had been piled from the table. I also re-arranged the furniture slightly.  I really want to paint and sew new curtains.

I love the printed literature that Usborne has available for us.  It's professional and fairly cheap to purchase.  They update it from time-to-time so I had outdated material that I went through and recycled.  What an amazing feeling.  I'm not done yet but I have definitely made some progress. Watch for more updates on that.

Where is your trouble area?  Do you have a spot that collects junk?  Which is your favorite thrift shop to donate to?  Love to hear your comments!!


  1. I should post a picture of my business office/personal office/toy room/sewing room, just to make you feel better! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I would love to see a picture of your room!! I didn't know you sew?! I'm learning now and really enjoying it!