Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing for Sight

On Saturday I participated in a small vendor event in conjunction with Sewing for Sight.  This is an amazing group of 48 quilters that got together for an amazing cause. This group sends two doctors to Guatemala to provide eye/vision care.  This is such a worthy project.  They each paid $50.00 for a day of Quilting with meal, snacks, games, drawings and other fun.  They quilted from the early morning until 11:00 pm.  There was a Quilt Show in the afternoon from 1-4 with vendors included.  I put 10% of my sales towards their amazing cause.

A lot of these Quilters are Grandma's and they love to shop for their Grandbabies.  They picked out some great books!!  The wipe clean books were a hit as well as the farm/machinery books. :)  We know how little boys love farming and truck books!!

Sewers for Sight - Usborne_Books
Quilters working and visiting with Beautiful Quilts on display around the outside of the room!

Sewers for Sight - Usborne_Books
More Quilters busily working!  It was fun to watch them sew between helping customers.

Sewers for Sight - Usborne_Books
My display of wonderful books.  I had lot of the new titles in stock.  There are some great ones!!

Sewers for Sight - Geri
This lady holds a special place in my heart.  Geri my Daycare lady!!
 When we moved to New Ulm I was still working in Mankato and drove the 30 minutes back and forth.  I was thrilled that I could drive through Courtland and drop Jake and newly born Amanda off at Geri's house.  She is an Amazing daycare lady and friend.  It's always great to see you!!  She is an amazing quilter and was working on a beautiful project.

My new Cart!
Most of the time my BHH (Book Hauling Husband) carries my boxes and tubs out for me but this time I was on my own.  I love my new little cart.  It works so well.  I love my new tubs for sticker and activity books.  The middle long bin holds all my booth supplies.  Apron, cash box, receipts, pens, door prize slips, bags, hostess packets, literature, book easels, etc.  I can pull this behind me and have my racks in my other hand and make it in with 1 trip.  Can't ask for anything better!!  Got mine at Ace Hardware on sale for $20.00.  Best $20.00 I've spent in a long while!!

Do you have something that makes your life easier?  What is it?  Love to hear any suggestions you might have!!

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