Thursday, January 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I would like to start a new weekly topic.  WIP Wednesday.  (Work In Progress)

I want to use this section to keep you up to date on the projects I'm working on and to keep myself in check.  I can use this from week to week to see where I am progressing and what has sat without any forward momentum.

(I didn't get any pictures taken this week so bare with me.  Pictures next week I promise!!)


I have lots of WIP's there.  Some of them I only take to work on while Amanda is at Dance class and I'm sitting waiting for her to get done.  My favorite current project for that is a Shawl.  It's got a great lace pattern with an easy repeat. I took it with me tonight and got 6 or 7 rows completed.  It is getting longer and longer so the rows take a little longer also.  I think it will be stunning when it is done.  It has an easy 10 row repeat and is easy to memorize. 

The mittens I am making for my Mom are so close to done.  So close it's painful.  I need to sit down and finish these.  I only have 1 thumb to do.  I picked up and cast on for it but didn't get any farther.  I knit a good portion of these while watching Grey's Anatomy on Hulu Plus.  I just finished the 5th Season and look forward to starting the 6th season tonight.  I watch on my iPad while knitting on our bed.  I also watch on the Wii in the living room while sewing.


I have 2 doll clothes for Amanda's doll Charlotte that need Velcro sewed on.  I've been putting this off but need to bite the bullet and do it.  I've never done it before.  I picked up Velcro when I was at the fabric store on Monday night so no more excuses.  Get it done!

I have several projects worth of material that I purchased the last two weeks.  I have a pattern picked out for PJ's for Amanda.  I have prewashed the material but haven't even cut the pattern out yet.  I'm really looking forward to getting these done.


John and I hung some new curtains in the living room and I love them!!  I have material purchased to make curtains for the other 3 windows.  I am looking forward to getting them finished also.

The kitchen and main floor bath needs new curtains badly.  The current ones are badly faded from the sun and too short.

I also want to clean out my upstairs hallway closet and the entry way closet.  These are big projects that I might attempt to tackle this next Sunday.


I am finishing up the bookfair for Madelia.  I just received their list of books they want and need to submit the order replenishing my inventory and the books of Tracey's that were sold.  That should go in tonight and will be put to bed.

On Friday night and Saturday I will be attending Mega Regionals in the Twin Cities.  I am really looking forward to it.  I promise to take lots of pictures.  It promises to be a good time!!  I will get to see all my Uzzie Buddies and will get excited about the new titles and Usborne all over again.  This recharge is so good for me.  Get's me going and excited again!!  Convention isn't until June and this is a great way to get the boost I need.  Additional Training is vital to your business.  Be sure to take advantage to local and Home Office supplied training.

I also am getting things together for Ladies Night Out.  This is the 3rd Annual Ladies Night Out.  We hold it at Kegel Klub in the party room.  Last year we had about 60 women through.  I'd love to see that number closer to 90 this year. I am currently at have 5 vendors involved and anticipate another 5-7 to join in the fun.


We are currently completing a Refresh and replacing 5 computers each month.  I have 3 from December to finish deploying and 5 from January!  I am so close to finished on one of the December ones.  Hope to finish tomorrow!!  Then on to the next one.  It's a never ending battle!

I am eager to see where I am with these projects next week Wednesday.  Watch for updates!!  What are your aspirations?  I tend to set enormous goals for myself and then am disappointed when they don't happen.

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