Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Wow.  Back to reality.  Re-entry is a great way to describe it all.  I had a little big of Holiday Hangover last week.  I worked so hard to get the perfect Christmas gifts for my kids and did the necessary baking and decorating.  I felt like... "Now what?!"  I've had a little time to come back to normal and I'm ok with that. 

I saw some posts on Facebook about the kids going back to school.  Reality is that my  little two don't go back until Monday, January 7th.  Nick goes back today and isn't thrilled about going while his brother and sister play around the house and sleep in.  I know deep inside he knows this is best though.  Back to his routine, friends and basketball.

I really need routine too.  It's time to open the book store again.  I have a brand new calendar that is begging to be written in.  I just need to find it first.  I love having events that I do every year and that I can count on to fill the empty calendar.  It is definitely time to start to fill it with new events though.  I have a book fair in Madelia to wrap up and a lot of other great projects to get going.  I want to contact area Youth Groups about Cards for a Cause.  I want to begin reading at Preschools and Daycares.  I want to approach additional schools about book fairs and Reach for the Stars.  I want to talk to other area Libraries about Literacy for Lifetime and introduce them to our wonderful books. 

I am expecting a box of new titles to arrive in the next few days.  I believe they shipped from Tulsa last Friday, the 28th.  I think they'll arrive tomorrow.  it's always so exciting to see the new titles.  I always think of my favorite customer when I see a topic that I know they will enjoy.  I know Grant and Camden will love the new Dino Sticker books.  My friend Nolan will love the new Sticker Dressing books.  He has almost all of them.  Most Sticker Dolly Dressing books for the little girls in my life.  New Doodle Tins will be exciting!!  Pictures to follow I promise!!

Right now I feel a little like this:

It is time to sit down with paper and pen and make some goals and write out a plan.  First thing to do is text my dear hubby and ask if he'll take down the Christmas Tree.  Tonight we will put the living room back in order.  He is such a great help.  We spent a chunk of time Saturday and Sunday cleaning in our basement.  We moved when I was pregnant and then had Amanda shortly after.  A lot of boxes were shoved hap-hazardly in the basement and we never took the time to go through them.  We are working diligently to get it cleaned up now.  We have made some enormous progress.  I will now have a functioning Craft Storage/work area and the kids will have a play area.  I plan to get a carpet remnant and some bean bag chairs for them to hang out in.  Amanda's play kitchen and some of their toys will come down there.  The storage room will now be organized and we'll be able to find things.  Here is the beginning of my craft area.  You couldn't get within 3 feet of this cabinet when we started.  the stuff was piled pretty high.  We have made great progress!!  Love eating frogs.

John has hauled 10 boxes of stuff to the thrift shop and 5 bags of garbage to the dumpster.  Not to mention the ton of boxes he hauled to recycling with magazines and broken down boxes.  I had a shoebox hoarding issue.  I think we broke down about 20 shoe boxes.  We will keep working on this project until it is done. The kids are quite excited about having a new play area so they keep me motivated to work on it.  I will update you as our progress continues.

What are you working on?  Leave me a note in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you!!

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