Monday, January 21, 2013

to sew... or not to sew

If you've spent time around me lately you might know that I really like to learn new things.  I love picking books out of the library and studying up on a topic.  Then I'm a big fan of becoming obsessed with it.  My new interest is sewing.  My mom has always sewn.  So did my Dad's Mom, my Grandma Rist. I wore lots of handmade shirts and dresses growing up.  I hope I loved them and showed my Mom appreciation for the time she spent on these.  (mental note: thank Mom!)

I don't know exactly what spurred this current obsession. I think it's been coming on for a while actually.  John and I got Amanda a 18" Our Generation Doll from Target for Christmas.  She loves it.  She enjoys getting it dressed every day and putting Pajamas on her every night.  Her name is Charlotte.  It is a very fitting name.  

Amanda, Charlotte and her trusty horse.

Charlotte having supper with us at Plaza Garibaldi in New Ulm.

Amanda and Charlotte in the Outfit I sewed her.
Before my Grandma Rist passed away she gave me her sewing machine and all the accessories for it.  It was moved from apartment to house and then to NU.  I never really even opened it up for 12 years.  Now I've gone through all the accessories and am getting familiar with it.  It has worked pretty well so far.  I have learned a lot.  Reading the instructions on patterns over and over again until I'm sure of what I'm doing.  Being brave and just trying.  Ripping seams out when they aren't quite right.  I'm thrilled with how it is going.  I have to admit before I made the first stitch I was very intimidated.  What if I sucked at this?  I was sitting at the table reading the directions over and I verbally admitted it to John.  I commented that I was nervous to try.  I didn't know anything about it and I was afraid to even get started.  I have to admit it's gone very well and I'm looking forward to learning even more.

Part of the problem I have is justifying the time spent.  There are always so many things that need to be done.  Laundry, dishes, running kids to and from events, homework, Usborne, etc.  Not to mention all the knitting projects I have started.  I have had to give myself permission to do this.  It feels great to learn something new though.  Makes me feel a little closer to my Grandma that I miss dearly and gives my Mom and I a whole new world of things to talk about.

What have you learned lately?  What resources do you use?  My favorite so far have been the library, youtube videos and blogs.  There are so many wonderful people that share their knowledge on blogs and message boards.  Keep reading and trying new things.


  1. Welcome to the world of sewing Michele. Believe me, it can be addicting. I love to quilt as it feels like putting a puzzle together. Why do we cut fabric into small pieces and then sew them back together to make big pieces? It is fun!! With sewing, I found pressing to be key. Best of luck to you with sewing....

    1. Thanks Diane!! I am really enjoying it. I was just telling my husband that sewing is like putting a puzzle together when we were looking at my new pattern last night. Yes, I need to work on pressing more. It's been a fun new project for me. Thanks for the comment!!