Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Delivery Day!

Last week I received the free books that were earned for St. Paul's Lutheran School in New Ulm, Minnesota.  It was so exciting.  Randall thought it was exciting too!  He signed one of the boxes and left me a note. 

The Note I received from Randall!
Sorting Books for each teacher

On Wednesday my BHH (Book Hauling Husband) and I delivered books during my lunch hour.  Now I know I've said it before but I love this school and all the teachers.  I love them fierce.  They are so wonderful!  Doing a bookfair is a lot of work this was totally a labor of love for me.  Each of the teachers received the books that the students and parents bought off their wish lists.  They also split the $700.00 in free books that was earned based on 50% of the $1,400.00 bookfair.  The teachers and students were so excited!!  Who can blame them.  New books for everyone. 
Mrs. Meyers - Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Morgan - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Ring - Jacob's 2nd Grade Teacher from Last year!

Mrs. Schone - Jacob's Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Schroeder - 1st and 2nd Grade

Mrs. Wendler - 3rd and 4th Grade

Mrs. Wolf - Jacob's Kindergarten Teacher and Amanda's Kindergarten teacher this year!

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