Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go West Young Lady!

On Monday I worked a half day as a Geek and then transformed into Crazy Book Lady.  I had an appointment with Katy at the New Ulm Public Library.  It was so much fun! 

When two people that both love books come together with 3 boxes of great books it's..... MAGIC!  I had a great time introducing her to our wonderful Usborne Books.  She oohed and aahhed over all the titles.  Commented that when she thinks of Usborne Books she thinks of Bright colorful illustrations!  I love that and she's right!!  She told me that she orders her books monthly and would be checking to see where her collection needs additions.  She was very excited about all the chapter books.  Me too!  I love them.

After my appointment in New Ulm I.... headed west to Tracy, Minnesota. I love driving the highways during this season. Watching all the harvesting going on. Makes me thankful for the abundant harvests and reminds me of my Grandpa Krohn. I loved harvest time at their farm. All my aunts and uncles helped out. I remember riding in the tractor with my Mom driving. I bet my kids and neices and nephew would never imagine their Grandma driving a tractor but she did!! Grandma Krohn always made a big supper for everyone when they came out of the field. I remember how loud and lively the conversation was around the table. If you know any of these Krohn's you know how loud it can get. I always say you have to speak up if you want your opinion heard! :)

It's about an hour and 10 minute drive from New Ulm to Tracy.  It goes through Walnut Grove.  You know.... Laura Ingles Wilder = Walnut Grove.  Jacob is reading on the Banks of Plum Creek now.  He's really enjoying it.  His class just went on a field trip to the sod house.  He loved it!

My visit with Laurie in Tracy went very well.  She's looking for library bound books to add to her collection there.  They have a beautiful school with a wide open library.  She has a great sense of humor and loves all the Kane Miller Picture books.  I am going to be in contact with the PTC group to see about a bookfair in the spring.  Fingers Crossed.

Take care and happy reading!!

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