Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eating Frogs

Today I'm eating frogs.  You know... Frogs... Those big ugly things that you put off doing.  Maybe you don't know how to do it. Maybe you think you don't know how to accomplish the task so... you just don't do it.  Maybe you think it will be painful or hard.  It's procrastinating and I'm pretty good at it.  I work great under pressure and I know I can usually accomplish things when it comes down to the last minute.  BUT boy does that stress me out.
Today I got up early and I went into work at 6:15.  I got some work done without the users there.  It was great.  I felt ahead of the game and enjoyed working without someone asking me "what are you doing?", "Why are you doing that?", "While you're here... Can you look at this?"  It was great!  I got so much more accomplished than I normally do in the morning.  By the time the users came in I was done with my two projects and was caught up on my emails.
That momentum carried me through the day.  I was happy and pleased with my progress.  After lunch I continued with the progress and got more done.  Probably more done for the whole day than I've been able to accomplish in a long while.  What an amazing feeling.
Last year I lost 43 pounds. Slowly they have been creeping back. Only 13 so far but it's bothering me. My new clothes are fitting a little more snuggly than they were and I'm feeling more self conscious. Mind you... I've still lost 30 pounds. BUT God that 13 pounds is bothering me. So... I ate another FROG! After supper I walked 5 blocks to the gym and worked out. Then walked 5 blocks back home. It felt great! I burned about 300 calories and I'm so happy I did it. I told John that I want to go to the gym 3 times per week and get these 13 pounds back off. I know that if I am going to the gym and dedicating that time to it, that my eating habbits will be better. I know I'll think before eating empty calories and wasting my time at the gym.

Michele - Before Weight Loss

Michele - After Weight Loss

I'm working hard to find a delicate balance between my kids, husband, work, Usborne, 4H and working out.  The TV hasn't been on since I got home fromt he gym and the homework is all done.  Both kids are bathed and one is in bed.  I call today a success.  Watch out Tomorrow!! I have big plans for you too!!

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  1. You rock, girl. Keep it up. Maybe you'll inspire me to get off my butt.