Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post - Use your Muscles!!!

Today we have a guest post!!  My Friend, Deb is a Homeschool Mom and loves Usborne books!!  Today she writes:

My husband and I just started homeschooling our children a few months ago. Usborne books has helped us to enhance both our History and Science programs.

Today we did an experiment to learn about the muscles in our arms. I was wondering how I could add to our lesson in a way my kids could understand. Then I remembered that we had the Usborne Internet-linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body! We had so much fun with the book and then went on to look at some of Internet links that Usborne provides.

Our favorite link was for The "muscle hustle". You had to figure out how to get the guys leg muscles to work to ride his bike away from a dog. It was HARD because there is a pattern to it. I liked that site because it also has other fun games about the body. The kids and I like hands on activities. That's how we learn, by doing and not just reading about it!
There are other great links about Muscles!

I LOVE how Usborne goes above and beyond with their books! Thank you Michele and thank you Usborne!
Deb L.

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